All about Me !

Name:- Sarah Louise Beddall

Age:- Um……………..42

Status:- Still married!!

Family:- Greyson age 11 Hubby Mental age 4

Lives:- Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Likes:- Country walks in Autumn/Winter

Loves:- Jelly Belly Beans

Hates:- Untidiness or being cold

Favourite Colour:- Yellow

Favourite Food:- Roast Dinner

Favourite Drink:- Hot chocolate with

hazelnut syrup

Favourite Cake:- Lemon Drizzle

I am not quite sure where my passion for baking and all things cake comes from. I remember my Nana always baked but her thing was pies! Homemade Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream or custard was a huge favourite along with a savoury mince and onion pie which I always helped decorate. My mum is a great cook but never showed much interest for baking and my dad is great at cakes but that has only developed later in life. Maybe I am going to be the first in my family to lead future generations towards the light………………..that is cake!!

I have always been into arts and crafts and tried many different avenues before reaching this point of knowing what I am meant to do. I love the freedom and inspiration I am able to use to enable me to create a cake which is truly unique and personally created for a client. When in the kitchen I enter my baking bubble and the only thing on my mind is the excitement of what I am going to create today.

I truly feel that the World Wide Web has been a life changer for me. I am able to find inspiration in the furthest parts of the world all at the touch of a button. I have met fellow bakers from over the other side of the pond and been able to seek answers to questions others have already solved. The baking community is one of experiment, excitement and imagination………...this is why I love BAKING!!

My son (Greyson 11) is a very keen baker and can often be found in the kitchen helping me. He loves all aspects of baking………..except the washing up! and relishes in creating something that he has put his heart and sole into. We are now at the stage where I am not allowed to help unless asked, I am not sure where he gets his determination from!! He always adds his extra special ingredient…..LOVE and has officially designated himself as my CHIEF TASTER and so far I seem to be doing a pretty good job (I've had no negative feedback yet!)

My whole life now seems to revolve around cake. I dream about it, I draw it, I research it and I eat it…………………..what more is there to life!

My journey to The Cake Kitchen has been a rather rocky one. Sadly I have been battling M.E for the past 6 years which has pretty much put my life on hold. My day to day existence was ruled by anxiety, exhaustion and depression and the light at the end of the tunnel seemed a very long way away. That was until I started baking again. A small spark had been lit but my body was in no fit state for me to progress any further. For days, months, years I was bed bound but my determination never let me down and although I still at times take one step forward and two steps back I am finally moving in the right direction. My focus has shifted and now I can see a future and it looks pretty good. I am doing something for ME, something that I LOVE and something that makes me feel COMPLETE……………………….I truly feel on top of the world!! Don't get me wrong I still need to pace and my anxiety and depression often gets the better of me

but that's ok because on those days I rest, design and plan

so that the days where I am back to ME I can do what I love.